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Black-and-White Portraits

A portrait photographer is focused on his or her subject. Unlike advertising images for marketing products or services, the subjects of portraiture know they are being photographed. However, a fashion picture is not a portrait. The best portraits make a viewer curious about the subject. If the shot makes visitors think, it’s effective and compelling. If you can capture the essence of the person, you may be on your way to being a good people photographer.

The commercial lifestyle photographer must be somewhat adept at portraits. He or she needs to be able to capture the subject in a business, hotel, beach, or home setting, among many other options. With the right shutter speed and effective lens, your portraits should look as good as any professionals. Portraits can include images of pets, families, adults, or children. Equally important with the technical aspects of portraits is the pose chosen for the picture. If possible, you should try to give a new look to your portraits by enhancing their looks and capturing something new in the results.