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Aircraft Photography

Some photographers relish the idea of shooting aviation photos because it is challenging and fun. It takes lots of practice to get sharp images in the right light. Charley Akers is proud of his portfolio of airplane photography. He knows that light is at the core of good aviation photography and that’s garnered most in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Known for being detail-oriented and tenacious as a resort photographer, Akers often works in a number of different genres. For example, he is often sought after for his golf photography skills.

Charley Akers has shot assignment photography for more than three decades for Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 companies in 22 states and seven countries. While he is considered as one of the best advertising photographers in the region, he is widely known as a lifestyle and fashion photographer. Work with him when you want a unique vision of a person, thing, or particular product. Charley’s images have appeared in major magazines, company advertising, and television around the world for over 30 years.